‘Barely Business’ chosen for Filmstreams Local Filmmaker’s Showcase in Omaha, NE

The short film I directed, ‘Barely Business’ was chosen as part of the Filmstreams Local Filmmaker’s Showcase and premiered October 20th to a fantastic reception! The film is playing once a day as part of the collection of short films at the Filmstreams Ruth Sokolof theatre in Omaha, NE until next Thursday, October 27th. Many thanks to my partner on the film, Michelle Murphy for a funny script and for playing such a great character! Also thanks to the entire cast and crew!


WE WON! Best Film of the Omaha Film Festival 48 Hour Challenge!

On September 9th at 7pm I went down to the O.F.F. office by myself to get my info for the 48hr film challenge they were throwing. I went without a team thinking that I’d be able to throw something decent together. To my dismay (at first) i got the HORROR genre. I headed back home slightly bummed that I didn’t get comedy. Me and my girlfriend Whitney talked about what I should do for the rest of the night with no solid idea agreed on. I woke up the next day remembering that my friends John and Chad who own a farm in Gretna, NE said I could use their properties any time as long as they’re available. within a few hours I had my location, my idea and most of my friends on board to help out. To make a long story short, we ended up making a pretty decent horror movie in which I was able to sneak in some comedy. Not only did it get a great crowd reaction but we WON best film! So excited to take part in this. So many of the other films were great. I feel honored! Check out some photos and the video below!

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Watch the film: